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Mr. Nice Guy

Tommy Hall

Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Born August 31,1960 in Miami. Began playing piano at age 8 and guitar at age 11. In the late 70’s formed the band “Napoleon” and with Mr. Nice Guy bandmate John Quinn toured Europe and Asia for the U.S.O. and played frequently in the Virgin Islands. In 1983 moved to Northern Virginia and played in somewhat Cheezy Hotel Lounge bands for about 6 years. During the same time did studio work playing on numerous advertising jingles. In 1990 moved back to South Florida (the Ridge), and shortly after began playing with the Backbeats along with MNG drummer Dave Webster.

In late 2002, formed Mr. Nice Guy. In 2003, played guitar and keys briefly with former Bad Company vocalist Brian Howe. Shortly after he began playing bass guitar with MNG keyboardist John Quinn in the “Livesays”. In 2005 he began playing lead guitar with 'Foghat' original member Tony Stevens and continues doing shows  under the band name “Slowride”.

John Quinn


Brought up in New England John played around New Haven/Hartford areas. Soon after high school he moved to Florida where he played in a local band that toured the Midwest. Finally settling in Miami, he met up with Tom Hall and a group named Napoleon. This group toured all over the world playing concerts and clubs for the military (USO, DOD, PACAF). The band played many bases in Europe, the Middle East and the Orient. Napoleon made its home in the Virgin Islands where it had a house gig for a couple of years playing covers and originals. 

John then met a group called the Livesays which was playing all original music. The band was opening shows for national acts at big concerts. The Livesays played with such acts as Cheap Trick, Edgar Winter, Foreigner, Steppenwolf, Moody Blues, Bo-Diddly, and many more..... John and Billy Livesay [of the Livesays] ended up joining The Clarence Clemons Band in '98. The Big Man with Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band, John played with Clarence for a couple of years. Mr.Nice Guy was soon in the picture. 


Bass Guitar, Vocals

Many attempts have been made to secure a Magoo bio, all have failed.  Magoo is a very talented musician who can literally play every instrument on the stage plus about a dozen more.  But it's his bass playing that fuse the 'MNG groove (tm)' that gets people up on the dance floor and keeps them there.

Dave Webster


Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, January 2, 1955 (for the record, it was 52 below zero, not the best day to come out of the womb).  Being an Air Force Brat, I lived all over the country during my youth.  Started playing guitar at age 11, but then caught the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.  When I saw Ringo shake his head and make hundreds of girls scream, I thought  "I gotta learn how to play drums". 

At age 15 started playing nightclubs (illegally).  Somehow survived disco in the 70's, then moved north to play and record with local groups in Pittsburgh and Long Island. Came back to Florida in the 80's, and played in a few local hair bands (with less hair) and Oliver Twist with Jim Oliver.  Stopped playing for a few years until a call came from Brooks Reid and Tom Hall who were looking for a drummer for The Backbeats (this is all their fault, I was happily retired). 

Started MNG in 2002 with Tom Hall, and here we are. Hope to keep playing and entertaining people as long as the extremities are working. 

Johnny O

Vocals, Sax, Flute, Harmonica, Percussion

Johnny O ( Onderlinde ) formerly from Philadelphia, born in Baton Rogue La, has opened for the likes of Steppenwolf, Joan Jett, Eddie Money, Morris Day and the Time, Bobby Womach, Jewel, Soul Asylum, the Lemonheads, Lakeside, Robert Hazzard and the Heroes, the Stylistics, Santana, Tito Puente , and others. Johnny O was a member of the original Village People band, and received a gold record with Instant Funk, formerly Bunny Sigler’s band, famous for the hit song ”Let The Good Times Roll”. From Johnny's early days backing up the Village People to his days with the Ritchie Family, to his nightclub days in the 90's at the top of the Philly club scene, to his diversity presently from classic Rock n’ Roll to soulful R & B that will sooth your souls. He has sung with War, Mark Farner, Huey Lewis and the News in early 2005 at the Hard Rock Seminole Casino in Hollywood Florida. Now, he is having a ball playing along the southern coastline with Mr. Nice Guy, a band he thinks is the best! Playing sax, percussions and holding up the occasional lead vocal, Johnny O has never lost track of what's important; that is, the music must be recreated flawlessly, and the party must be off the chain!

Alex Lencina


A California native who actually started his musical career as a drummer in a little town called Placerville. 

After a successfully taking part in various well known bands in northern California and realizing that breaking down a drum set can really suck (yea no kidding-Dave), he decided to take on singing and did so during his travels to South America where he recorded with two record labels and rocked with some of South America’s Best.

His vocal influences include Wilson Picket, Jimmy Hendrix, James Brown, Cory Glover, TT Darby, pretty much anything that grooves and or rocks.  He has shared the stage with the likes of BB King and Jeff Healey. 

On his return to the US he decided to settle down and explore other avenues in the music and radio industry.  In other words, he stopped singing (bad idea).  Several years passed until he was recently introduced to MNG by a co-worker (you know who you are).  The rest as they say, is history.  Alex certainly brings his own unique style to MNG.  

Maria De Crescenzo


Here's the story...  a long time ago in a decade far far away (The 80's, remember the 80's?), we played with Maria in a couple of local Miami bands, Top Secret and Maxx.  Even back then, her talent as a vocalist and entertainer showed that this was her calling, we knew she was going somewhere. 

Fast forward 30 years (wow),  Maria has gone on to a very successful career as a prominent member of KC and the Sunshine Band and with her own projects, performing for thousands of fans around the world.  Of course with her schedule, we had not seen her since the old band days.  But through a series of events (coincidence or fate?), we caught up with her recently and proposed a crazy idea about doing some dates with the band whenever she is in town.  And she loved this crazy idea.

 Maria can sing anything, but she is a rocker at heart, and we are all excited about the chance to reunite with our former bandmate once again and rock the house like old times!    



Martin is the behind the scenes 8th member of the band.  He helps us move and setup the gear, makes sure everything is plugged in, locates Magoo and reminds me to shut my monitor down at the end of the night.  This is a volunteer effort by him, he just likes helping out the band.  I can tell you this, everybody in the group is getting real spoiled with him around, and the times he's not there makes us really appreciate his help (we got lots of heavy stuff).  So next time you see him, be sure to shout out MARTIN!!